Why Family Portraits are important to take and display...

 Ok, so I know what you are thinking, you're a photographer, of course, you are going to tell me that taking family portraits are important.  Well, just hear me out.

How many of you have lost someone and when looking for memories thought I wish we had more pictures?  

Life is short!  We are not promised tomorrow.  When we lose someone pictures and memories are all we have left.  Those pictures not only provide comfort but, they also help us to heal and get through the hard times of grieving. 

So, this not good enough for you?

How about this...

Kids grow and change so much from year to year and before you know it they will be grown and gone off to college.  Taking family portraits annually documents your family's growth and changes, and when you display them in your home, they can be conversation starters for future family members (boyfriends or girlfriends).  They provide family history and when your kids have kids, family portraits will help to tell your family story, your history.

That still not good enough?  Ok, how about some science...

Psychologists have proven that when family photos are hung and displayed in the home it increases a child's self-esteem.  It sends a message to the child(ren) that family is important in your home.  I think we can all admit we get caught up in the everyday running that we don't always slow down and take the time we should with family.  Hanging a family portrait somewhere in your home that can be seen by all reminds everyone that you have each other.  

Seeing these family portraits hung in the home also helps a child to understand their place in the family.  It gives them a sense of belonging to something that is important. It says that each one of you feels the family is important enough to stop what you are doing and make time to all come together, even if it is only for 30 minutes, and take a picture all together.  It is a visual cue that reinforces you are a family unit and that making time for each other is important.

I know what you are thinking, but I have 2500 family pictures or pictures of the kids on my phone.  Yes I know, that quick snapshot you had someone take of all of you at your cousin's wedding or that picture of the kids looking so nice in their easter outfits.  However, you know they will never make it any further than your cell phone.  What are you going to do, pass your cell phone down from generation to generation?  How long do you think it will be before it just gets thrown out because someone thought, "oh it's just an old cell phone"?

In closing...

Family portraits are important for so many reasons that I did not even include here.  You do not have to schedule a session with me but, take the time to schedule your family photo session with a professional photographer and make it an annual thing.  Don't let your loved ones say, "I wish we had taking more photos as a family, but we were always so busy."  Time is the one thing you can give that you can't take back.  Giving your time to someone is the greatest gift of all.  Give time to your family.  Make sure that when you are gone your kids, and their kids can proudly hang those pictures in their house and say that is your grandparents or that is your great-grandparents.  Show that family is important.



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